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Mike and Helen Wagstaffe
Watcombe Farmhouse,
Dorset DT2 7AD

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Directions from Kefalonia International Airport to The Olive Tree Villa:

  1. Exit the Airport: Start by exiting Kefalonia International Airport onto the EO Argostoliou Aerodromiou.
  2. Head North Toward Argostoli: Follow EO Argostoliou Aerodromiou for about 2.5 km.
  3. Turn onto EO Argostoliou Samis: At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto EO Argostoliou Samis. Stay on this road for approximately 7.5 km.
  4. Continue onto EO Argostoliou Fiskardou: Slightly left, the road becomes EO Argostoliou Fiskardou. Continue on this road for around 30 km. You will pass by the villages of Razata, Drapano, and Faraklata, among others.
  5. Drive Through the Town of Divarata: As you approach the town of Divarata, stay on EO Argostoliou Fiskardou. The road starts to wind and offers views of the coastline.
  6. Turn Right at Divarata: When you reach Divarata, make a right turn, continuing on EO Argostoliou Fiskardou towards Fiskardo.
  7. Follow the Road to Fiskardo: Continue on EO Argostoliou Fiskardou for approximately 23 km. This scenic route will take you through several small villages and alongside beautiful coastal views.
  8. Arrive at Chalikeri: As you near Fiskardo, you will find signs for Chalikeri. Follow these signs to turn off from the main road onto a local road leading to Chalikeri.
  9. Final Stretch to The Olive Tree Villa: Click on the villa’s location on the Google map to get more precise directions once you reach Chalikeri.

Total Distance and Time: The total driving distance is approximately 55-60 km and should take around 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on traffic and driving conditions.